Who We Are and Our Process

A family-owned company operated by Keith and Carol Hutchings. Both are licensed Massachusetts Construction Supervisors.

How We Operate

Gorman Keith and Carol on work

Phase one is the design. You will spend time sitting down with Carol, exploring ideas and your needs. Carol will develop all plans and ideas with Chief Architect 3D software. This allows us to help design your space for you, whether it's around your family heirloom or to help maximize your space.

Carol will then guide you through all interior decisions, from trim, vanities, lighting, kitchen layouts, and much more.

One of the primary benefits of the modular home process is that prices are itemized upfront and accurate to the build. This differs from traditional buildings, where we often see general projections made upfront and large lists of change orders once the project is undertaken.

If you like that additional touch of handcraft design, Carol specializes in shingle art, tile design, and interior trim work.

Keith supervises the construction of the projects. Interfacing with Preferred Building Systems (the modular company) and managing the subcontractors from start to finish.

Gorman Keith and Carol