Green Homes

A home should help save you money, not just cost money. That's why our custom modular homes are primarily built with energy efficiency in mind.

We offer many different home styles that when carefully planned can offer you a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment and still maintain that level of environmental consciousness. In addition, we provide customer service support to the builder on the project for any workmanship items for a 1-year term from the date of delivery.

Extended coverage for major structural defects under the 2-10 Warranty program is also available for residential homes. Also, various product manufacturers provide direct warranties on materials and components providing additional assurance of long-term performance and security.

Preferred Building Systems understands the need to produce a high performance modular home that is healthy to live in and uses natural resources wisely. We are constantly researching and developing new and better ways to conserve energy and produce a superior product to what the industry is building.

Focusing on helping people build energy efficient homes that save money year after year in a tangible way is how we have been leading the industry from our beginning.

Preferred Building Systems was the FIRST in the United States of America to build a modular passive house in 2010 for Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte, VT. We are The Modular Home Company that everyone talks about in the Passive House movement as being known for pushing the envelope with off site construction.

Preferred Building Systems will continue to be THE LEADER in producing energy-efficient modular homes.

The Climate Act of 2021 required the development of a new specialized energy code, which was formulated to ensure new construction and substantial remodels meet Massachusetts greenhouse gas limits. As a result, new construction must be extremely energy efficient, and the inherent factory efficiency in modularly constructed homes increases the cost savings between traditional construction and modular-built homes by Preferred Building Systems. Codes, which are now required under this Climate Act, have always been met or exceeded by Preferred Building Systems' "Standard Construction Specifications."